Harvard Club of Albania members met with Elaine Kamarck

Members of the Harvard Club of Albania met on Wednesday February 19th around a dinner with Elaine C. Kamarck and Susan Valaskovic. Elaine, now at Brookings Institute, has taught for fifteen years at Harvard government management and American politics and some of the club members have studied in her courses at the Kennedy School.

Kamarck is an expert on government innovation and reform in the United States, OECD countries and developing countries.  In addition, she also focuses her research on the presidential nomination system and American politics and has worked in many American presidential campaigns. In the 1980s, she helped to found the “New Democrat” movement that resulted in the presidency of Bill Clinton. 

Her most recent book on politics is Primary Politics: How Presidential Candidates Have Shaped the Modern Nominating System.  Her most recent book on government organization is The End of Government As we Know it: Making Public Policy Work.  In addition this fall, her book focuses on American Politics and Public Policy and is called How Change Happens: Understanding Success and Failure in Modern American Politics 

Elaine (Elaine_Kamarck@harvard.edu) is currently in Tirana with her team to assist the Albanian government in building institutions in the country. Participants at the event enjoyed exchanging views and sharing experiences with each other.